OLED manufacturing plant of Lite Array is set up with the highest quality and yield in mind. The factory facilities are designed using the same standard as the high quality TFT-LCD. Clean room and utilities supplies are installed with qualified system to achieve this standard. Manufacturing management system is set up with the ISO9001 system and migrating to QS9000 as the coming target.

Lite Array employees are all well trained and committed to operate in conformance to the quality system so that we make sure every product shipped out has the best quality. The whole operations adopts the Total Quality Management concept, which will guide us through fluent customer and supplier communications. Product quality is continuously improved through Gemba Kaizen, SPC, Six Sigma Design & Manufacturing, and DOE techniques. Reliability of our product is enhanced by Customer Oriented Quality test, in which we committed to testing condition as close to our customer's usage condition as possible. The quality feedback loop is closed with in-depth Failure Analysis, FMEA, Quality Circle and Participative Management practice.